[Vm-dev] Reed Solomon plugins & performance slow down

Levente Uzonyi leves at caesar.elte.hu
Fri Jun 4 00:43:37 UTC 2021

Hi Robert,

I see the following potential causes:

In #findErrorLocationsDegree:coefficients:count:fieldSize:result: the 
return value in ambiguous. You make the primitive fail if not enough 
errors are found. But after the send, you don't check for failure 
but simply send #methodReturnReceiver.
Instead, you should either check for primitive failure after the send 
or make #findErrorLocationsDegree:coefficients:count:fieldSize:result: 
return boolean value: the method was successful or not.
E.g. when numErrors = 1, return true, in the other branch, return e = 
numErrors. (If slang doesn't support boolean types, just use 0 and 1).
In the actual primitive method, check for the value returned by that 
method and fail the primitive when needed. Once the primitive has failed, 
you ought to return from it.
I see the above pattern in other methods too (marking the primitive as 
failed in a not-top-level method without checking for failure outside). 
Those need to be fixed as well.

Another potential issue I see is that the validation of the arguments is 
not complete.
E.g.: #stackIntegerValue: may have already set the primitive to failed if 
the argument was not an integer. So, before continuing, that has to be 

Another possible but unlikely problem is that you assume that both result 
and coefficients have at least one field. But that may not be true which 
can result in segfaults.


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