[Vm-dev] ulimit rat-rio setting (was Re: [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Do not use linux-latest runner, use an older stable version. (#598))

Bruce O'Neel bruce.oneel at pckswarms.ch
Wed Sep 29 11:50:12 UTC 2021


So on my ubuntu derived system, if I put
/etc/security/limits.d/squeak.conf in place, reboot the system, and
log in it does work.  Rebooting the system is key in my case because
the window manager login process only reads squeak.conf when

So this means that we are stuck with different choices of config files
in /etc/pam.d that might, or might not, have to be changed to make
this work.  And which files will be window manager dependent etc.

This is not a good plan to throw at our users.   Modifying the
contents of /etc/pam.d is fraught with problems if you don't know what
you are doing.  In fact it is fraught with problems even if you do. 
Everytime I have to do this I make sure that I have a root shell
already on the system so that I can unfoobar the system when I break

I would vote that we get rid of this complaint and document somewhere
the limits.d/squeak.conf idea.  I suspect that most people who use
squeak with a display do not have heavily loaded systems and it is
only useful for those of us who run servers.    And if they ever ask
we have documentation.

One place we could stick this is in the About squeak dialog.   Call
it FAQ? 



On 2021-09-29T08:24:23.000+02:00, Tobias Pape <Das.Linux at gmx.de>

> Hi
>>  On 29. Sep 2021, at 00:12, tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org> wrote:
>>  This reminds me to ask (probably again) if anyone actually
>>  understands ubuntu and getting the rtprio settings to 'take'.
>>  I have the suggested /etc/security/limits.d/squeak.conf etc but it
>>  appears to be ignored - at least the VM complains about it. Since
>>  `ulimit -a` tells me that rtprio is 0, I suspect it is correct to
>>  complain.
>>  I've spent way too long trying to make sense of what I find with
>>  googling. This has been going on for ages (so, yes, the machine
>>  has been rebooted) and every now and then I try to make some sense
>>  of it.
> this file only takes action when pam_limits is used.
> can you grep your /etc/pam.d for limits?
> Best regards
> -Tobias
> PS: I hate to say it, but it seems the neat architecture of the
> heartbeat-VM is not appreciated by
> current linux distros. There is just too much to do for the average
> user to make use of it.
> Also, users need some kind of Root to be able to enable the rtprio,
> which is not a good idea.
> Is there any way to get away without changing rtprio?

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