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Mon Apr 11 08:25:28 UTC 2022

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of VMMakerUI to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMakerUI-mt.57
Author: mt
Time: 11 April 2022, 10:25:28.069975 am
UUID: f752708f-00fc-fe4e-b082-82981358e1be
Ancestors: VMMakerUI-eem.56

Updates the update dialog:
- More compact badges
- More compact date-and-time display of last build
- Add macOS ARM builds

=============== Diff against VMMakerUI-eem.56 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TheWorldMainDockingBar>>osvm_GitHubActions_statusBadgeUrl: (in category '*VMMakerUI-updater') -----
  osvm_GitHubActions_statusBadgeUrl: workflowName
  	| id |
  	id := workflowName encodeForHTTP.
+ 	^ 'https://raster.shields.io/github/workflow/status/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm/{1}?style=flat&logo=github&label='
- 	^ 'https://raster.shields.io/github/workflow/status/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm/{1}?style=flat&logo=github'
  		format: {id}!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TheWorldMainDockingBar>>osvm_GitHubActions_statusTimestamp: (in category '*VMMakerUI-updater') -----
  osvm_GitHubActions_statusTimestamp: workflow
  	"Slow. Fetch HTML page, extract first occurrence of
  		... <time-ago datetime='2021-08-04T14:24:20Z' ... "
  	| statusPage begin end dateAndTime |
  	statusPage := (WebClient httpGet: (self osvm_GitHubActions_statusPageUrl: workflow)) content.
  	begin := statusPage findString: 'datetime' startingAt: 100000. "Skip the first X bytes decoration."
  	end := statusPage findString: 'Z' startingAt: begin.
  	dateAndTime := DateAndTime readFrom: (statusPage copyFrom: begin + 10 to: end) readStream.
  	^ String streamContents: [:s |
  		dateAndTime asDate = Date today
  			ifTrue: [s nextPutAll: 'Today' translated, ',']
  			ifFalse: [dateAndTime asDate = Date yesterday
  				ifTrue: [s nextPutAll: 'Yesterday' translated, ',']
  				ifFalse: [dateAndTime printYMDOn: s]].
  		s space.
+ 		(dateAndTime respondsTo: #printHMOn:)
+ 			ifTrue: [dateAndTime printHMOn: s]
+ 			ifFalse: [dateAndTime printHMSOn: s] ]!
- 		dateAndTime printHMSOn: s]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TheWorldMainDockingBar>>updateVMMaker (in category '*VMMakerUI-updater') -----
  	<updater: 'Update VMMaker'>
  	| updater history message |
  	updater := MCMcmUpdater
  		updateMapNamed: 'update.oscog'
  		repository: 'http://source.squeak.org/VMMaker'.
  	updater lastUpdateMap ifEmpty: [
  		"If this is the first time that you use the updater, start at 5.mcm to avoid loading old code."
  		updater lastUpdateMap at: updater repository put: 5].
  	history := updater dependentPackages
  		collect: [:package | package name -> (package workingCopy ancestors
  			"N.B. the first version in a package's history will have empty ancestors."
  			ifEmpty: [nil] ifNotEmpty: [:ancestors| ancestors first])]
  		as: OrderedDictionary.
  	updater doUpdate: false.
  	"Set update history to the packages that actually changed."
  	updater dependentPackages do: [:package | | oldVersionInfo newVersionInfo |
  		oldVersionInfo := history at: package name ifAbsent: [].
  		newVersionInfo := package workingCopy ancestors first.
  		(oldVersionInfo ifNil: [0] ifNotNil: [oldVersionInfo versionNumber]) < newVersionInfo versionNumber
  			ifTrue: [history at: package name put: {oldVersionInfo. newVersionInfo}]
  			ifFalse: [history removeKey: package name]].
  	"Prepare message, including the update history and OSVM ci badges."
  	message := String streamContents: [:s |
  		s nextPutAll: 'VMMaker update succesful.<br><br>'.
  			ifEmpty: [s nextPutAll: 'All packages were already up-to-date.']
  			ifNotEmpty: [s nextPutAll: 'Updated packages:'].
  		history keysAndValuesDo: [:packageName :updateInfo |
  			s nextPutAll: '<br> - '.
  			s nextPutAll: packageName; space.
  			updateInfo isArray
  				ifFalse: [s nextPutAll: '*removed*' translated]
  				ifTrue: [
  					updateInfo first
  						ifNil: [s nextPutAll: '*added*' translated]
  						ifNotNil: [s print: updateInfo first versionNumber].
  					s nextPutAll: ' -> <b>'.
  					s print: updateInfo second versionNumber.
  					s nextPutAll: '</b>']].
  		s nextPutAll: ('<br><br>Url: <a href="{1}">{1}</a>' format: {updater repository}).
  		s nextPutAll: '<br>Map: '; print: updater updateMapName.
  		s nextPutAll: '<br>'.
+ 		#('macOS (x86)' macos 'Build for macOS'
+ 		'macOS (ARM)' 'macos-arm' 'Build for macOS (ARM)'
- 		#('macOS' macos 'Build for macOS'
  		'Windows' win 'Build for Windows'
  		'Linux (x86)' linux 'Build for Linux (x86)'
  		'Linux (ARM)' 'linux-arm' 'Build for Linux (ARM)')
  			groupsDo: [:label :workflow :workflowName |
+ 				s nextPutAll: ('<br><a href="{2}"><img src="{3}" /> {4}</a> {1}'
- 				s nextPutAll: ('<br>{1} status: <a href="{2}"><img src="{3}" /> {4}</a>'
  					format: {
  						self osvm_GitHubActions_statusPageUrl: workflow.
  						self osvm_GitHubActions_statusBadgeUrl: workflowName.
  						self osvm_GitHubActions_statusTimestamp: workflow})].
+ 		s nextPutAll: ('<br><br>Note that updated platform sources might be available, too: <a href="{1}">{1}</a>' format: {'https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm'}).
- 		s nextPutAll: ('<br><br>NOTE THAT updated platform sources might be available, too:<br> -> <a href="{1}">{1}</a>' format: {'https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm'}).
  	self inform: message asTextFromHtml.!

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