Thanks for the link, I will read through it.   


My thoughts were to evaluate Cees comments about ASN.1 needing to be implementation specific, but I have a strong preference for a general purpose solution.  There has been a lot done in the compiler area that doesn’t apply to Smalltalk.  I would at least like to add as much functionality as the C community is getting from an ASN complier.  I’m still speaking from ignorance here, but my first impressions are, to allow the building of an ASN structure using ASN specific classes, and to allow the structure to read from / write to objects through a TopLink like meta definition attached to classes, with more information like how to navigate links.  That way the structure could translate directly using some form of root object to gather data.  It would seem to me that that structure would be pretty flexible and general purpose, but it needs more flushing out. 


To say it again:


ASN notation builds ASN Structure of objects in Squeak.

ASN Structure Traverses a Root Object Meta Data Structure to retrieve data from itself or other linked objects.

The ANS Structure Class would be responsible for BER / DER encoding.


The Developer / User would be responsible for running the notation to create the structure, then defining meta data on domain objects to get and write data based on some root object (s).


I’m sure you have a lot more experience with this, and I am still learning.  The parser that creates the structure would do validation which may be the most difficult part (as Cees pointed out earlier).  Having the meta data coordinate encoding on the ANS Structure should simplify things some, much in the way that TopLink simplifies SQL query building.  What do you think of the potential of the design and its ability to provide similar value as users currently get form asn compilers?


Ron Teitelbaum




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Are we working on a general purpose ASN.1 compiler / BER codec or just enough ASN.1 to parse certs and PKCS blobs?


I might recommend we design an interface for the former but simply implement the latter. BER / DER encoding can be a little ugly at times. I've written several "highly-focused" BER / DER decoders in Java, and can tell you that scope creep is NOT your friend. ("Highly focused" in this context means specific to the ASN.1 for a particular application.)


I think someone mentioned Dubuisson's book on ASN.1, the PDF of which is available for free download. While I believe that Dubuisson's book is an excellent read, there's more to ASN.1 than BER/DER encoding, and you might wind up wasting a little bit of time by trying to implement _everything_. You might want to check out Burt Kaliski's "Layman's guide to a subset of ASN.1, BER, and DER". Available in text format at .



-Matt H.


On Nov 15, 2005, at 7:18 PM, Ron Teitelbaum wrote:

Also once the relationship is settled we will again approach Cincom about a port of their cryptography code. (Sean have you heard any new comments from James?) In the mean time I am still working through ASN.1.

We have a new official Team Member: Paul Davidowitz. Paul and I have worked before he is a very solid programmer. We have discussed ASN.1 and Paul is working through some possible designs. Please welcome Paul to the team!