I haven’t heard from Jim on the matter the last I heard he said he sent it upstream and they are considering it. I will email him again and ask.




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I just wanted to give everyone an update on what’s going on.  So far we have reached an agreement with the SqueakFoundation to allow us to establish a relationship with the Software Freedom Law Center.  They are currently working on official US Cryptography Export Notification.  Once that notification is done and we receive a response from the government validating that we did things properly, we will open back up the repository.   It also appears that there is little we can do to figure out export requirements for other countries.  Cees mentioned that there are no export requirements where he is.  Maybe we could start a list of contributors and countries and what the requirements in each country are.  Does anyone else outside the US know what the cryptography   


Also once the relationship is settled we will again approach Cincom about a port of their cryptography code.  (Sean have you heard any new comments from James?)  In the mean time I am still working through ASN.1.


We have a new official Team Member: Paul Davidowitz.  Paul and I have worked before he is a very solid programmer.  We have discussed ASN.1 and Paul is working through some possible designs.  Please welcome Paul to the team!


Also if you have subscribed to this list and would like to join the team, please speak up and let us know.  The repository is closed now and is only available to official cryptography team members.


Thanks everyone for your patience while we work through these startup issues,


Ron Teitelbaum

Cryptography Team Leader