Does this mean you don't want to do a meeting with Polly Dinkel?

Or do you want to work with Polly in addition to the SoftwareFreedom.Org people?

Or.. did you not get my email about Polly saying she would be happy to help us with contract and/or export issues?

-Matt H.

P.S. - In case you didn't get my email... Polly Dinkel... our external counsel from RSA days has indicated she would like to help us out on a pro-bono basis. My feel is she wants to add some more open-source experience to her resume and thought that the whole Squeak-L / CinCom issue was interesting. She has a tremendous amount of experience negotiating contracts and licenses with cryptography providers and users, as well as a fair amount of experience navigating crypto export issues.

On Oct 30, 2005, at 9:09 PM, Ron Teitelbaum wrote:



The Cryptography Team needed a lawyer for both US Registration, and to help with talks with Cincom.  I put out a call for help and someone suggested we contact the softwareFreedom org.  I mentioned that we would update the group on the result of that request.  I have good news, they have agreed to help.  We are putting together a formal relationship this Thursday Nov 3rd 2005.


I will keep you informed on our progress as we work through our issues.


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