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I notice this code is in a Pharo-specific package, which is included when loaded in Squeak but was never correctly adapted to work on it.

I see three options:
- Extend Grease with the necessary abstractions for both platforms and the code in the package should be rewritten in terms of those abstractions
- Create a Squeak-specific package for it and include that in the load for Squeak
- Leave out this functionality when loading in Squeak


On 12 Oct 2018, at 02:21, tim Rowledge <> wrote:

In the seaside I have loaded right now - a very recent install - the WAScreenshot>>uiProcess method tries to run

^ UIManager default uiProcess

... which fails because UIManager does not implement this. The current Squeak images both 5.1 & 5.2 would do this with ^*Project current* uiProcess.

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