hmmm if memory serves correctly ConfigurationOfOmniBrowse + Seaside-Pharo-Tools-OmniBrowser.pharoOB-NickAger.7 works with Pharo 1.3 as well.

On 14 November 2012 12:45, Philippe Marschall <> wrote:
On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 10:03 PM, Paul DeBruicker <> wrote:
> The current ConfigurationOfSeaside30 asks for
> Seaside-Pharo-Tools-OmniBrowser.pharoOB-NickAger.7
> which is only found in the Seaside30 repo.  The latest in the Seaside31 repo
> is
> Seaside-Pharo-Tools-OmniBrowser-lr.7

ConfigurationOfOmniBrowserLukas works with
Seaside-Pharo-Tools-OmniBrowser-lr.7. That's the Lukas version of OB.
That's what should be used in Pharo 1.3 and only there.

ConfigurationOfOmniBrowse works with
Seaside-Pharo-Tools-OmniBrowser.pharoOB-NickAger.7. That's the Pharo
fork of OB. You want that in Pharo 1.4.

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