Seaside-Pharo-Tools-OmniBrowser.pharoOB-NickAger.7 is a fork as Lukas's OB and diverged significantly from the OB that was shipping in Pharo at the time. In summary:

Seaside-Pharo-Tools-OmniBrowser-lr.7 - used to build Seaside on top of Lukas's image ie used in  (Lukas doesn't use Metacello).

Seaside-Pharo-Tools-OmniBrowser.pharoOB-NickAger.7 used in the Metacello configuration to build on Seaside on-top of Pharo from

On 12 November 2012 21:03, Paul DeBruicker <> wrote:
The current ConfigurationOfSeaside30 asks for


which is only found in the Seaside30 repo.  The latest in the Seaside31 repo is

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