Quoting my comment on issue 643:
First of all use the following as first-aid to the build process:
WAConfiguration allInstancesDo: [ :instance | instance clearSearchContexts ].
WAConfiguration allSubInstancesDo: [ :instance | instance clearSearchContexts ].
Notice that this runs on all instances and subinstances of WAConfiguration, therefore catching WAUserConfiguration too.

Again, this is an immediate fix to clear all cache. It is not intended to run regularly...

As for the fix, the options remain but nobody has replied.
I don't mind submitting a fix to this unless somebody thinks there's a better solution... ?
On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 8:22 PM, Dale Henrichs <dhenrich@vmware.com> wrote:
For Issue 643, I ran into a case during GemStone testing yesterday where there was WAUserConfiguration with a stale cache.

WAUserConfigurations _aren't_ reachable by doing the:

 WASystemConfiguration allSubclasses do: [ :each |
   each instance clearSearchContexts.
   each instance clearDescription ].

trick. I ended up doing the following to get past the problem:

 WAFileHandler default: nil

I consider this way too harsh, since it destroys any changes that a user may have made to the configuration ... I think that this really means that we have to have a fix for Issue 643 before finishing Seaside 3.0.4 ...

In the bug report, Avi, mentions that it should be possible to do a second lookup that does not rely on the cache and it sounds to me that this is the preferable solution ...

My WAConfiguration foo is not good enough to know the right answer here. I just know that Seaside users might be surprised if they upgrade their system to Seaside 3.0.4...

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