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On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 3:15 AM, Marcel Taeumel <> wrote:

Next step would be to build a preview tool that supports add/remove steps of a refactoring. For example, a "rename message" might tackle too much methods. That is, there is no scoping at the moment.

OK.  We likely definitely want to scope by package(s), right?

Unless you wanted to say "packages, not classes or categories" I do not think so. Mostly because projects/software is often divided into -Core and -Tests packages. Or think of -Examples, -Plugins, -Extensions... So I fear explicit input of the scope (a set of packages) will be required.

Using package dependencies (like in ENVY) would be nice, but they are unmaintained in Monticello (often only supplied with Metacello).

Oh, and my Environments bell is ringing again... ;-)