On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 1:05 PM, Andrey Larionov <anlarionov@gmail.com> wrote:
Investigating reasons of fail FontTest tests i found bug in
MultiCompositionScaner (or it maybe some related class). Looks like
what Character value: 257 had a special meaning in squeak.

257 was the code THE scan characters primitive answered when it reached the end of the input string.
258 was the code it returned when the next character to be output would have crOssed over the right-hand margin.

Alas none of this is documented in the blue book.  You have to extract it from e.g. the Xerox V2.0 sources.

Here's the defines from an ancient VM of mine:

/* TextConstants pool variables initialised in Text */

#define CrossedX 258
#define EndOfRun 257

If not use
StrikeFont everything is well, but if you choose FreeType font the
doing something
(Character value: 257) asString asTextMorph openInWorld
creates an endles loop in composer. It founds character falls in
crossedX method (this character is stopCondition) and then remove
character from composition and starts again.