My attempts to implement ELib's Far Promises, calls this Scope. In Hymn I am calling this interface the Oasis, the Naming System and locality.


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I am concerned by [...] the repo name (which is still very misleading to newcomers).

Renaming it would cause some effort (at least to update links), and I am not sure whether it is worth it at this point. That aside, I could imagine just calling it "squeak". (As in: If we ever have a mirror of the trunk source code on GitHub, we should put it in this repository so that the issues are close to it.

squeak-object-memory: I understand where it comes from and it is technically accurate. But sounds quite technical, named with a VM perspective on the matter.
squeak-image: sounds more familiar, but is less accurate since this is not (only) about snapshots.
squeak-issues: the most accurate for the current use, but would need another rename if we ever start putting something relevant into the repository.

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