Even with respect to the qwerty layout, I would still expect that I have to press Shift + 9 to enclose the selection with brackets ... It's just inconsistent that 8 and 9 behave so totally different. In particular, I am referring to the numeric keypad, where no keyboard layout (I am aware of) has a bracket printed above the 9.



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Betreff: Re: [squeak-dev] When did it become a good idea for selected text to be enclosed by () instead of replaced by 9 ?
When would you ever expect the 9 key do add brackets?

Well, for the US/GB layout, I would expect that. :-)


Am 04.11.2019 21:14:51 schrieb Christoph Thiede <christoph.thiede@student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de>:

Old thread, but still up to date. When would you ever expect the 9 key do add
brackets? I struggle with it every day.

What would be wrong with just removing this 9? Or at least introducing a new
preference for that (TextEditor>>#useDigitsToEncloseSelection)?

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