Hmm... it should be sufficient to check for the character code for "(" ... but I suppose there are some hick-ups with the key codes?


Am 05.11.2019 08:55:21 schrieb Tobias Pape <>:

Mine is this:


On 05.11.2019, at 08:44, Marcel Taeumel <> wrote:

> When would you ever expect the 9 key do add brackets?

Well, for the US/GB layout, I would expect that. :-)

Am 04.11.2019 21:14:51 schrieb Christoph Thiede <>:

Old thread, but still up to date. When would you ever expect the 9 key do add
brackets? I struggle with it every day.

What would be wrong with just removing this 9? Or at least introducing a new
preference for that (TextEditor>>#useDigitsToEncloseSelection)?

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