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Can't the box be setup 5o do some WoL thing and go back to sleep when idling for a while?

This CPU usage is really annoying indeed.

Assuming you are using a stack or Cog vm, that will mostly be the heartbeat that checks for inputs and process switches and GC limits etc. Plus any remaining morphic loop etc.

Thanks for the analysis. Not being an expert on _all_ those topics :) I'm asking myself if there are some tweaks (monkey patching is fine) to get rid of those? I certainly do not need any morphic loop as long as it doesn't steer the network reception *cough* :)

Wed need some input from someone that really knows Morphic. You could try running in an MVC project and see if it makes any difference?

Pharo does not have MVC anymore. 


Can the intervals to check inputs and process switches be stretched without open the door to hell because timing loops are tightly aligned?

Maybe. Eliot?

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