Hi all!

We just released the next version of the OpenSmalltalk VM. 

Please find the binaries here:
(see VMMaker.oscog-mt.3184 and update.oscog-mt.6.mcm)

That version will be used in the upcoming Squeak 6.0 and also updated
bundles for Squeak 5.3. And probably in upcoming Cuis releases. :-)

Here is an attempt of a change log (since 2020): 
- Adds ARMv8/Aarch64/ARM64 JIT incl. support for Apple M1
- Adds "fast C primitives" via #FastCPrimitiveFlag
- Adds support for catching exceptions in FFI callouts
- Adds #primitiveScreenScaleFactor (for DPI-aware images)
- Adds primitives 568 and 578 complementing 88 (primitiveSuspend)
- Adds #primitiveMultipleBytecodeSetsActive to update image format for SistaV1
- Adds VectorEnginePlugin
- Fixes regressions in ARMv6 support
- Fixes performance regressions of -metal and -opengl backends on macOS
- Fixes -core-graphics backend on macOS
- Fixes Retina scaling on macOS, i.e., support "backing scale factor"
- Fixes primitive 126 to fail on graphics backends w/o composition buffer
- Fixes regressions in vm-display-fbdev on Linux
- Fixes time sync (e.g., for DST) on Windows
- Fixes UDP binding on Windows

I am sure that I forgot something especially in plugin code. Please expand on this.

BIG THANKS to everybody who has worked on this release! Personally, I would like
to thank Eliot, who is a great software architect who keeps on making the OSVM
faster with every commit. Thank you!

Marcel (on behalf of the OSVM core dev team)