OK...you can find everyting you need for the Unicode Windows VM here...
I did a few fixes to the code i posted yesterday...
The zip has installation notes but I will also paste them here so that anyone can google-find various terms used there...
------------------------------- INSTALLATION NOTES -----------------------------------------
"You should be using the Unicode/UTF8 VM... SqueakUnicodeUTF8.exe"
"I tested it on the latest eToys image for OLPC."
"Let's start..."
"Drag 'n Drop UnicodeEnvironment.cs -> fileIn entire file"
"Drag 'n Drop GreekEnvironment.cs -> fileIn entire file."
"Execute this*"
Locale currentPlatform: (Locale localeID: (LocaleID isoString: 'el')).
"Drag 'n Drop TTFUnicodeFix.cs -> fileIn entire file."
"Drag 'n Drop your favourite TT Unicode font."
"Now you should have a new font installed."
"Highlight a text."
"Hit Alt+k and select your new font"
Well...that was it...type in your locale's specific unicode characters and see them getting
rendered with a beautiful TT unicode font.
"Now, this version should be working OK for other languages too."
"Please feel free to test it for other languages and other image versions too..."
So, now...
 1) you have a VM that is sending unicode chars to eToys (thanks to Diomidis Spinellis...)
 2) you have a fixed Unicode font support (thanks to Bert Freudenberg...)
 3) you have UTF-8 clipboard functionality (thanks to me!...and all the Vm-dev support @:) )
 4) you have a unicode environment inside the image (thanks to me again of course!) ;-)
Ok...enough with happy talking...any problems that you'll encounter (hope you won't)
please post them up...
"*To execute: (Highlight -> Alt+d)"
------------------------------- INSTALLATION NOTES -----------------------------------------