@bencoman commented on this pull request.

In platforms/unix/vm/sqUnixMain.c:

> @@ -863,13 +863,13 @@ sqInt  primitivePluginRequestState(void)	{ return dpy->primitivePluginRequestSta
 static void outOfMemory(void)
-  /* pushing stderr outputs the error report on stderr instead of stdout */
+  /* pushing VM_ERR() outputs the error report on VM_ERR() instead of stdout */

What is the significance of changing this comment? (I'm not familiar with pushOutputFile)

In platforms/unix/vm/sqUnixMain.c:

>    pushOutputFile((char *)STDERR_FILENO);
   error("out of memory\n");
 /* Print an error message, possibly a stack trace, do /not/ exit.
- * Allows e.g. writing to a log file and stderr.
+ * Allows e.g. writing to a log file and VM_ERR().

Same again. Search/replaced within comment useful?

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