Hi JB. Could you please tell me how should I run cmake to build for windows? Is there a specific generator?  because if I run:

cmake --help

at the end the only generators I see are:


The following generators are available on this platform:
  Unix Makefiles              = Generates standard UNIX makefiles.
  Xcode                       = Generate XCode project files.
  CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles = Generates CodeBlocks project files.
  Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles
                              = Generates Eclipse CDT 4.0 project files.
  KDevelop3                   = Generates KDevelop 3 project files.
  KDevelop3 - Unix Makefiles  = Generates KDevelop 3 project files.


On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 7:07 PM, Jean Baptiste Arnaud <jbaptiste.arnaud@gmail.com> wrote:
Since the last Igor ( thank ) update it 's possible to cross compile windows VM(last version) from MacOs and Unix.

Using Mingw and cmake.

Now, i do for Cog, and for ARM9 processor.
My process imply to fix some window file cause some include are wrong, then it the cross compiler don't find some include beginning by Uppercase(cause the file isn't beginning by uppercase).
In /Platform/win32/vm/sqWin32Intel.c

#include <float.h> instead  #include <Float.h>

in /Platform/win32/plugin/SocketPlugin/sqWin32NewNet.c

#include <ws2tcpip.h> instead #include <Ws2tcpip.h>

Jean Baptiste Arnaud