On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 7:09 PM, Dan Norton <dnorton@mindspring.com> wrote:
 Hi Folks,

On Debian8, using cog_linux64x64_squeak.cog.spur_201702021058 and Cuis5.0-3040-spur-64 updated to 3043, everything will stop, including the clock in the Cuis task bar. Neither mouse nor keyboard events are processed. Trying to interrupt with alt-. is unsuccessful. CogSpur was re-cloned and the test case was re-run with the same result.

On Windows 10, using cog_win32x86_squeak.cog.spur_201702021058, and Cuis 5.0 3043, the same test case runs for hours with no problem.

Freezes on cog_macos64x64_squeak.cog.spur_201702021058 too. Maybe try the 64 bit windows VM?

- Bert -