Am 09.02.2015 um 21:33 schrieb

Can't the box be setup 5o do some WoL thing and go back to sleep when idling for a while?

Nope, the device is an access point that serves seaside and websockets to tablets. There are close to no options having itself switch off.

This CPU usage is really annoying indeed.

Yes it is. It is just one thing like 32 bit where we are way behind and no resources available to fix it. 



Le 9 févr. 2015 21:11, "Norbert Hartl" <> a écrit :
I have an installation where a pharo powered hardware is used in a closed case. Over time that collects quite some heat. One reason for this is that the pharo vm is taking approx. 6% CPU all the time. The only thing that happens is network/sockets. I suspended the ui thread in the image but on this platform it doesn't help.
Are there any tweaks to lower the polling and the activity of the image/vm even more?