@fniephaus requested changes on this pull request.


In .travis.yml:

>      compiler: clang
   - stage: "Other Mac builds"
-    env: ARCH="macos64x64" FLAVOR="newspeak.cog.spur"
+    env: ARCH="macos64x64"    FLAVOR="newspeak.cog.spur"        TESTIMAGE="refer newspeakBootstrap.sh"

I don't really have a better suggestion, so let's go with refer newspeakBootstrap.sh for now.

In .travis.yml:

> @@ -28,97 +28,98 @@ jobs:
   fast_finish: true
   - stage: "Main Squeak and Pharo builds"
-    env: ARCH="linux32x86" FLAVOR="squeak.cog.spur"
-  - env: ARCH="macos32x86" FLAVOR="squeak.cog.spur"
+    env: ARCH="linux32x86"    FLAVOR="squeak.cog.spur"          TESTIMAGE="Squeak-5.1"

Not that hpi-swa/smalltalkCI#407 is fixed, please update all image names accordingly (Squeak32-5.1, ...).

In tests/smalltalkCI.sh:

>      LINUX_BINARY="pharo"
-    echo "Skipping SUnit testing for ${FLAVOR}..."
+    echo "Skipping SUnit testing for unknown flavor ${FLAVOR}..."

Thanks for cleaning all of this up!

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