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I can provide a patch, but cannot test it currently probably because of

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I have tried to build a cog dvlpt image using the following instructions :
$ cd opensmalltalk-vm/image
$ ./

while running the script, i get 2 errors (see attached file):
- "Context cannot be changed"
- and then "stackp store failure"
which prevent me from actually building the image (the last error goes in an infinite loop)

Has anyone ever experienced this problem?

I am using Ubuntu 15.10, 64 bits.


I tried this myself and noticed it fail when loading "CogCompatability".
If you look down the stack to "MCClassDefintion>>createClass", 
the instance variable "name" holds #Context.
Context has only recently been introduced to Squeak.  
Previously it needed to be loaded by "CogCompatability".
Now its an error for "CogCompatability" to try redefining this core system class.

I got it to work by removing "CogCompatability" 
from the manifest in  ...

    manifest := #(
        ('' 1 ('FFI-Pools' 'FFI-Kernel'))
             ('Balloon-Engine-Pools' 'BytecodeSets.spur'  'VMMaker.oscog' 'CogCompatibility'  .....

And then running ./,

cheers -ben

btw you might find this interesting...

cheers -ben