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It's pure smalltalk code. 'foobar' is a ByteString and it will execute a method of ByteArray. The method is called #atAllPut: and it will be evaluated with the argument 65.

Sorry for the late answer. I think you didn't understand what I asked or I didn't understand your answer.

In that example, you are SENDING the message withArgs:executeMethod:   to the receiver.

What I need is this...imagine I have Message instance, and I need to do a #sendTo:   but WITHOUT using the receiver but instead sending it by parameter.
I cannot do:  aMessage sendTo: aReceiver

sendTo: receiver
    "answer the result of sending this message to receiver"

    ^ receiver perform: selector withArguments: args

So...as you can see, #sendTo sends a message to the receiver, which I cannot.
Instead of delegating to the receiver, I need someting like this:

CompiledMethod >> valueWithReceiver: aReceiver arguments: anArray
    "Execute compiledMethod against the receiver and args in argArray. The receiver is the CompiledMethod"

    <primitive: 666>
    self primitiveFailed

Where the primitive is send directly, and not a message to the receiver.

Is something like this available or I would need to create a new primitive?

Thanks in advance,