Hi folks. I need to be able to execute a method with an object but not sending a message to that object. So for example, I've checked Message>>sendTo:   or  CompiledMethod>>valueWithReceiver:arguments:
and both of them are finally sent to the receiver. I need to do something like:  (MyClass >>#foo) valueWith: anObject args: args.
but I don't want that the primitive is sent to anObject.

I would like to be able to send such message to the compiled method, and being the receiver. For example, something like this:

CompiledMethod >> valueWithReceiver: aReceiver arguments: anArray
    "Execute compiledMethod against the receiver and args in argArray. The receiver is the CompiledMethod"

    <primitive: 666>
    self primitiveFailed

Do you think this is doable ?  If true, can you give me any hint ?

I took a look to #primitiveExecuteMethod  but I cannot figure out how to adapt it.

Thanks in advance,