The issue is to not break older images.

We do not do that. They just open fine. They run just fine. You can do 99.9999% of what you could do before. Please argue at the level of Morphic window dragging. Otherwise we cannot make any progress on this matter. You are way too generic for this matter here.

On a different matter, the way somebody introduced OS event pumping during regular method invocation is a much more serious deal breaker. (I think that only the image should do that.) It was pure luck that that has worked until recently. Just take a look at the fix in DisplayScreen >> #restore and then tell me again that we have to go back to the seriously slow --metal backend from before just to make the calls to ioProcessEvents in checkForEventsMayContextSwitch work.

You should but you cannot always change the VM in isolation. It will work 99.999% of the time. But not always.

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