Thanks for your due diligence!

Ken Causey wrote:
Finally you can breathe easy again.  We have backups again.  I decided
this time to go with a 2-level solution.  Since a day or so ago
rsnapshot has been running locally on box2 making a backup every 4 hours
saving a day worth of those and then one a day saving a week worth of
those.  This is a short term backup for minor emergencies.  You can find
the results in /var/cache/rsnapshot/local/*/localhost/ .

And thank to Göran Krampe we also now have a remote backup using
rsnapshot.  Göran's setup does one backup a day saving a week worth of
those, one a week saving 4 of those, and one a month saving 6 of those.

I'll next be speaking with Marcus Denker about a second remote backup.

In any case we should be in good shape now.



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