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Am 19.11.2012 17:44, schrieb Chris Cunnington:
On 2012-11-19 9:52 AM, Herbert König wrote:
Am 19.11.2012 14:20, schrieb Chris Cunnington:
There are 168 hours in a week and the box3 Altitude has been up continuously for 189 hours. So, the problems I have had with it sometimes haven't been around for a while.


I gave it a few clicks so it at least sees some traffic. Then I tried to wget it that went very slow (I'm friendly when I wget and use a random delay 10). Seems wget doesn't know when a file is complete.
That's interesting.
The downloads don't work. Maybe the problem is in front of my computer and doesn't know enough about wget.

I'm not sure what you mean by downloads. Just downloading a page, you mean? Because it doesn't know when a page is complete. There's only one download link on the site and it works OK for me.

I'm new to Linux. I use wget on Windows as a website downloader. So afterwards  I got a set of files and folders I can browse offline. This is not possible with what wget gets from When it follows a link like "Saving to: `'" it doesn't get to an end but just times out.

I wrote a selnium test and ran it a few times. I can offer to run it on a few computers concurrently when it's convenient for you.

That sounds great. Thanks for testing.
Did you do some load tests or longer continuous tests?

Not so far. I just deployed and monitored its resource consumption on box3 to ensure it didn't start hogging CPU, memory, etc.

That's what I use selenium for. I fire up several computers (VM'S) with Firefox and start the tests on each. Then I log into my hosted server, fire up top and watch memeory and cpu. Same time I RFB into my Squeak and play with vm statistics.

When I'm back home we can do that, or if you like (and use Firefox) you get the addon Selenium and run the attached test (file, open, run) on as many machines as you like. Yes it's HTML and you can copy paste as many of the tr as you want to make it run longer. This is a real stupid test, just clicking up and down the menu on the left.

Just don't want to shoot your server by running any number of long tests at full speed unsolicited.

wget and test attached.



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This is great looking stuff. I've added Selenium to Firefox and I'm going to explore these files you attached. I'll need a day or so to get under it.
I thought Colin was on this list, but it appears he is not. He's now aware of the conversation that has been going on here, and hopefully we can get his input on some things.