These are some details I was sharing with Ken yesterday about what an image for might need: 

"box4 sounds right. I don't know what you need to do to it for preparation. I checked and I can log into box4. I think I need to review how you start processes with daemontools. I have a few emails of yours about that. 
Unless you would like to keep a unified VNC application in your rig, I'd just as soon use Ian P.'s internal RFB, as I'm familiar with it. 

At the moment on box3 I'm using Cog 4.0-2550, which a quick look at, tells me I should upgrade to something like 4.0-2778, as mine is almost two years old. 

There are one or two quirks of the rig. I start the image on the command line with the image drawing in a file on start up called I prefer to have the commands for starting the application in a file on start, as I find it reliable and scriptable. This is all it says. 

(ALServer on: 8624 application: SQSqueakApplication new) start

The other thing is Altitude is bleeding edge. Robust, but it needs a symlink from the vm directory to or it cannot find the libcrypto library that Xtreams requires. Colin never deployed it. I was the first, so I'm finding my way. 

I'll copy this information to the webteam list when we get it opened up."

I have a list of issues in my Apple Notes application called " issues". This is the state of it at the moment: issues

Thoughts welcome.