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Wed Aug 2 13:22:54 UTC 2017

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==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-dtl.961
Author: dtl
Time: 2 August 2017, 9:22:02.611529 am
UUID: 4485dae2-bb1b-48ca-bdc1-5f1f4dd89eb0
Ancestors: System-eem.960

When Project class>>tryOtherProjectForRecovery is searching for a safe project to use for emergency recovery, test for projects of a type that the current project inherits from, but do not require that they be of the same class. This handles the case of errors in a FooMorphicProject that inherits from MorphicProject, for which another Morphic project is not likely to be suitable for handling a fatal error raised in the FooMorphicProject.

Expected behavior when evaluating "Project handlePrimitiveError: 'Foobar' "

In an MVC project that is a chlid of a Morphic project, enter the Mophic project and open a debugger on the process that failed in MVC.

In a Mophic project that is a chlid of an MVC project, enter the MVC project and open a debugger on the process that failed in Morphic.

For the common case of a parent project of the same type as the project from which the error is raised, do not attempt to enter another project, and open an emergency evaluator instead.

=============== Diff against System-eem.960 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Project class>>tryOtherProjectForRecovery: (in category 'error recovery') -----
  tryOtherProjectForRecovery: errorMessage
  	"Try entering the parent project if it uses a different user interface. We determine this by comparing the project's class."
  	| safeProject nextProject |
  	nextProject := Project current.
  	safeProject := nil.
  	[safeProject notNil or: [nextProject isTopProject]] whileFalse: [
  		nextProject := nextProject parent.
+ 		(Project current isKindOf: nextProject class)
- 		nextProject class == Project current class
  			ifFalse: [safeProject := nextProject]].
  	safeProject ifNotNil: [:p | 
  		p enterForEmergencyRecovery.
  		"Active process will usually suspend after this."].!

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