[Seaside] Seafox HTML -> Seaside render methods translator

Nick Ager nick.ager at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 07:39:28 UTC 2010

Hi Philippe,

> The algorithm you use seems to work well for body tags but have
> problems with header tags. For example look at the style tag:
> - there's no such tag, simply the link tag which explains the selector
> - it says the rel attribute is set with #beAlternateStylesheet
> - it says the media attribute is set with #addHandheld
> - it misses the attributes from the superclass
> - it says the type attribute is set with #beRss
> Apart from that, very nice work, thank you.
Thanks for the feedback. You're right I didn't spend as long on the header
mappings, though I added a special case in the parser for the link tag so
that it picks up some of the common link to stylesheet mappings. See
SFLibrary>>#browserJs function createLinkHTMLElementBrush (aNode). The
problem with putting special cases in the parser is that it leads to a
discrepancy between what the web app shows the mappings to be and the
results the parser generates. Though hopefully the parser output is more
interesting to people.

Perhaps we can come up with a better approach at ESUG?


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