[Seaside] How to best detect browser for audio tag differences

Tim Mackinnon tamackinnon at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 23:48:16 UTC 2010

Hi guys - I've looked through suggestions for browser detection on the  
list - but am unsure what the best approach is to handle the  
differences between how browsers handle the audio tag in html5.

I don't need to support all browsers (and part of this is education  
for me) - but I particularly notice that Firefox supports ogg and wav  
media while safari supports mp3 (damn those committees).

My best attempt so far is below - but I wonder if this is the best way  
to go about it (is there a better way of detecting a browser type? I  
saw that jQuery has something - is it better to use it - and do  
something on a page load script to set the src attribute of a single  
audio tag?).

myRequest := self requestContext request. "for debugging - but  
confused the hell out of me that I needed a variable"
(myRequest userAgent beginsWith: 'Mozilla')
		ifTrue: [
			(html audio)
				url: (MyLibrary default urlForFile: 'sound.wav');
				id: 'noise' ]
		ifFalse: [
			(html audio)
				url: (MyLibrary default urlForFile: 'sound.mp3');
				type: 'audio/mpeg';
				id: 'noise' ].
		form: [
			(html button)
				onClick: ((html jQuery id: 'noise') each: (JSStream this call:  
				with: 'Do It'.



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