[Seaside] Strange console.log behavior

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Thu Aug 5 05:57:01 UTC 2010

Hi Tim,

I think it's indeed a bug in FireFox/Firebug... I have also experienced that referring to the console in your javascript code crashes the javascript engine when the console is closed or disabled. So, you should remove the console logging code, and it will always work.

On 05 Aug 2010, at 01:11, Tim Mackinnon wrote:

> Guys - I'm slowly starting to get my head around the JScript objects - and I think I've been using them properly (thats a big if) - but I've noticed that when I've done a few demo's to my friends (got to do a seaside sales pitch) sometimes my code doesn't work - and its actually not seaside code but the javascript that has come out.
> I have a button that plays a sound (by the way - how do you contribute to the html5 package - as I have added some audio tag attributes?) but when I use the console logger it sometimes fails and sometimes works. It seems that if Firebug is closed (not disabled though) - my code gives an exception and so stops. If I open firebug it works, and when I close it again it works? And then sometimes it stops again? I thought console was a defined thing - but I don't understand it?
> Has anyone else seen this? Have any tips? Ultimately I will of course remove my debugging - but I would like to know why?
> Here's what I'm doing:
> (html button)
> 				onClick:
> 						((html jQuery id: 'noise') each: (JSStream this call: 'play')) ,
> 						(html logger log: JSStream this),  <--- fails randomly here?
> 						(html jQuery ajax script: [ :s | self tokenModel releaseToken ]);
> 				with: 'Honk It' ].
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