[Seaside] Re: Jabber client for Squeak 4.1?

John Chludzinski john.chludzinski at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 20:58:59 UTC 2010

> Check out Nikolay Suslov's port of Croquet to 4.1. Croquet used to
> include a Jabber client; if you're lucky you can just use it:
> http://nsuslovi.blogspot.com/2010/07/open-croquet-running-on-squeak-41.html
> - Andreas

I'm using Nikolay's image now.  But I haven't been able to run my old
Jabber client test code which worked with the old version of Croquet

So using the "SimpleDemo (Master)" from Nikolay's image I was able to
add an account.  I then tried "Text Chat" but all I got is the
message: no connection to <my IP>.  Anyone successfully use chat with
Nikolay's image?


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