[Seaside] Re: Differences in calling render: from ajax?

TimM tamackinnon at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 11:31:17 UTC 2010

John McKeon wrote:

>     Then instead of r render: self put self renderTokenWaitersOn: html
>     and tell jQuery to replace the #waiters id added above.

I tried your suggestion and while it was a useful exercise for 
understanding it didn't make the difference I had hoped.

In fact - by calling that extracted method directly, the jQuery replace 
does literally a replace, so you end up with a missing id (the outer id).

I also still get a url with "/" (not "/elephant") and its not rendering 
my callbacks like a main page reload does.

If I try calling renderContentOn: directly - I get the outer id, but 
again the wrong url and no callbacks.

I will study the CTChat app though - it has callbacks, but I'm not sure 
if those get re-rendered or if its just rendering messages (e.g. just text)


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