[Seaside] Re: Component lifecycle and how to use announcement on a model

Dave Woodward dave at futuremint.com
Mon Aug 16 17:54:56 UTC 2010

I also have the announcer in my sessions.  The thing to lookout for is how
many times you register a component (or block) in the announcer as it
doesn't do any sort of duplicate checking AFAIK.  Since my app has it on the
session its not a problem, but it did cause me some headaches in testing.

Also the Pharo book online has a chapter on Announcements that is partially
cribbed from Ramon's blog post.

I have not written a post about this yet, mostly because I think I'd just be
rehashing Ramon's post and the Pharo book chapter anyway :).  Pharo's
Announcements are really pretty simple once you read all of the code, I
think its only 3 classes total.  But they're very useful.

Dave Woodward
dave at futuremint.com
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