[Seaside] Server Identification in Session Keys

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Thu Aug 19 15:25:14 UTC 2010


On 18 Aug 2010, at 10:24, Philippe Marschall wrote:

> I hope so. I wrote it for an older version of Seaside 3.0. Please
> report any problems.

With these changes routes are cleanly added, feel free to incorporate them, provided you like them:


==================== Summary ====================

Name: Seaside-Cluster-SvenVanCaekenberghe.7
Author: SvenVanCaekenberghe
Time: 19 August 2010, 2:08:58 pm
UUID: 3ecdaa5f-cfd3-4b70-babe-80bc48991aa9
Ancestors: Seaside-Cluster-pmm.6

first port to current Seaside 3.0



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