[Seaside] Trouble getting started

Phil Lewis dharma66 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 09:41:11 UTC 2010


I tried to get into Seaside a couple of years ago, and worked my way through
the tutorial until I got to a point where neither I (with minimal Smalltalk
experience), not my friend (with extensive experience as a professional
Smalltalk programmer), could get a certain step in the tutorial to work.

After a while, we gave up.

I've come back to it today, and am working through the seaside book (Dynamic
Web Development with Seaside),  Unfortunalte, this time I can only get as
far as page 27 before encountering the first problem I don't know how to

WAAdmin register: WebCounter asApplicationAt: 'webcounter'

gives: Unknown variable WAAdmin please correct, or cancel:

This is using the pharo one click installer image, as downloaded about a
week ago.

Indeed, I can't find a class called WAAdmin anywhere in the image, not any
class with a selector matching register:asApplicationAt:

Also, how come this is a mailing list and not a forum? I've been using
t'Internet for over 20 years, but it's rare that I encounter mailing lists
these days. I can't even remember how to search the archives...

Ram Ram
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