[Seaside] SeasideTesting and WebTester w/ Selenium

Joel Turnbull joelbywan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 18:15:52 UTC 2010

I'm a little confused about the state of the SeasideTesting package.

I started with this tutorial http://bit.ly/aEwrSb. Installing the latest
package in Pharo, it was obvious that I either had the wrong package, or
things had changed quite a bit since that was written. But, using a
combination of that tutorial, and the example classes, I've been able to
successfully use it, and like it, until I got into my components that
utilize jQuery. I see in the tutorial that there are some methods like
assertEventually: that were provided to handle jQuery calls. However quickly
browsing through the classes in my SeasideTesting package, I seem to be
missing jQuery examples, or methods that compare to assertEventually:

So last night I took a look at Selenium RC and WebTester, and was pretty
impressed ( http://bit.ly/cr2vjK ). Seems like it can definitely handle my
jQuery problem.

However before I consider switching, I wanted to get the opinions and
recommendations of those on the list regarding these two options, as I've
already done quite a bit of work in SeasideTesting, and I'm pretty sure that
I'm just missing how to use it with jQuery. Also, do you foresee any
problems with either of these testing frameworks if I need to scale up to
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