[Seaside] Does anyone offer Seaside hosting yet?

Andy Burnett andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com
Tue Aug 24 18:23:59 UTC 2010

Bart Veenstra said
Maybe you can run a webvelocity ami on Amazon EC2? I am also working on some
commercial seaside applications and planning to hire some Virtual Private
Servers for a few euro's a month to get started.  Once traffic is up, I'll
probably move to EC2. Downside of VPS is that you'll need to configure
everything yourself and maintain it as well.

I wondered about the AMI option as well. I am half way through setting up an
Amazon account - just got stopped by the public private key bit (need to
read the instructions).

I wonder how difficult it is to create an AMI of Seaside/Pharo - and ideally
Andreas' SSL classes.  It would seem like a useful thing to have so that
people could get a bit more serious with Seaside.

Is it just a question of money? If so, I would be happy to 'sponsor' someone
to do it, provided we could then make it publicly available. The key bit is
that it would have to be kept up to date, otherwise it would be a wasted

Also, I got an email from the sales people at Rackspace. Apparently I was
misinformed and they could do a Seaside instance on their cloud stack, so
that might be an interesting approach as well. Randal did a Floss show about
Openstack (a few weeks back). Perhaps we should target that instead of AMI?

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