[Seaside] Possible bug in WAAdmin register: aRequestHandlerClass at: aString in: aDispatcher

Bart Veenstra bart.veenstra at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 17:14:42 UTC 2010

Hi all,

While registring applications seaside other than root, my applications where
not accessible at their paths. It seemd that the dispatcher was not
tokenzing the path correctly, because the it takes the '/' as argument
instead of the $/ causing the applications to be registered at the whole
path, instead of registering a WADispatcher for the sub paths.

Don't know of this is the right list for it, but it caused me some headaches
yesterday evening :)

Possible fix:

WAAdmin register: aRequestHandlerClass at: aString in: aDispatcher
| path dispatcher |
path := aString subStrings: *$/*.
dispatcher := path allButLast
inject: aDispatcher
into: [ :result :each |
result handlers
at: each
ifAbsent: [ result register: WADispatcher new at: each ] ].
^ dispatcher register: aRequestHandlerClass new at: path last


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