Spoon progress 21 April 2005: remote debugging starting to work

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Fri Apr 22 04:31:50 UTC 2005


	Just a note to say that I've made progress on step two from my last 
note[1], remote debugging. It's starting to work.

	When I evaluate (3 zork) in a target system, a notifier appears on a 
separate control system. By opening a debugger on the control system, I 
can browse the contexts of the target system process. This makes heavy 
use of two-way remote message sending, including blocks and messages 
which answer proxies back to remote senders (e.g., the first >>collect: 
in Debugger>>newStack:). I haven't had to change Debugger itself at all yet.



Craig Latta
improvisational musical informaticist
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