communication problem with control.image and working.image

Craig Latta craig at
Tue Mar 22 19:11:25 UTC 2005

Hi Youssef--

	The problem is that there was no Sorcerer actively serving from the 
control system when the working system started (so the Apprentice in the 
working system couldn't connect to it). As a result, no message-sending 
connection was established between the two systems, so the proxy you 
were trying to use in the control system was nil.

	The steps for operation are:

1.	Start the control system and evaluate "self close; reopen" in the 
Sorcerer inspector. That will get it serving.

2.	Start the working system (it will connect).

3.	Check the connection by selecting "self" in the fields pane of the 
Sorcerer inspector. It should indicate that it has a peer connected to it.

4.	You can then evaluate expressions that use proxies, like the 
"OtherBrowser" one.

	'Sorry that wasn't clearer before.



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