Some questions about Spoon

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Fri Aug 11 20:55:36 UTC 2006

post any conservation that you have in the mailing-list
else it really gives the impression that you are alone.

My point was not to be sarcastic just shaking the tree to see what is  
and to see how to create synergy around spoon. and the first level is  
transparency and visibility.

>      Note that, in the Spoon implementation, classes still have  
> names. I
> never said or did anything about "removing names from classes". What's
> new is how those names are used (or more precisely, how they are  
> used less).


>> the fact that the implementation may not require a name is a  
>> different
>> issue. what is sad is that I did not see discussions around these
>> ideas.
>      So why didn't you have that discussion here on the Spoon mailing
> list? :)  I encourage you to do so! I invited discussion about this  
> and
> many other aspects of Spoon on both the Spoon and squeak-dev  
> mailing lists.

Ok here is my suggestion then.
	- you should have a look at the changes done in the versions until  
3.9 since else this will
	be really difficult to migrate on top of spoon (which I would love)
	- I cannot really believe in the "people will rewrite what they need"
	so reusing is important for me. And I would like to avoid to get  
Spoon been
	a exotic project.
	- I will take Spoon kernel as an important help for analyzing the  
	and seeing how the packages of 3.9 articulate around them.
	- Still I have some doubts that working on 3.2 is the best choice.


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