Some questions about Spoon

Marcus Denker denker at
Sat Aug 12 09:18:43 UTC 2006

On 11.08.2006, at 23:33, Craig Latta wrote:

> Hi Stef--
>> you should have a look at the changes done in the versions until
>> 3.9 since else this will be really difficult to migrate on top of
>> spoon (which I would love)
>      Can you be more specific about which changes you mean? In  
> general,
> I think it'll be easier to adapt changes to Spoon that it is to  
> adapt to
> other versions of Squeak, since there is less in Spoon to cause  
> conflict
> (because it's minimal).

Will that work with the non-VM, but quite deep image-level changes  
that we
have seen in 3.8/3.9? E.g. the time/date stuff, CompiledMethod format  
(properties and pragmas)
in 3.9, the m17n things, traits.... it would be quite an amazing  
thing if spoon would "just work"
with all this. There were really lots of changes since 3.2...

What is clear is that it would require quite some energy to re-do all  
that (in the
way we would do it now) in a 3.2 Image. I am quite sure that it is so  
work that it will never happen. But then Spoon may change the game so  
that it's indeed doable...

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