Some questions about Spoon

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Sat Aug 12 09:40:39 UTC 2006

> Will that work with the non-VM, but quite deep image-level changes  
> that we
> have seen in 3.8/3.9? E.g. the time/date stuff,

about time/date change I  was (may be wrong) to think that in fact  
these changes should have just been a nice package and that
we keep the old core (knowing its limits) and that people can load  
chronos/aconcagua or the current one. But this is a side remark. :)
A thought I got.

> CompiledMethod format (properties and pragmas)
> in 3.9, the m17n things, traits.... it would be quite an amazing  
> thing if spoon would "just work"
> with all this. There were really lots of changes since 3.2...

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