Distributed Objects?

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Sat Aug 19 20:24:05 UTC 2006

> Craig Latta's project, Spoon, does (as far as I know) remote object
> invocation. http://www.netjam.org/spoon. You get a tiny image for
> free.

     That's right. Spoon's remote messaging system supports arbitrarily
nested sends (local object A sends to remote object B which must send
another message back to A before answering A's first message, etc.). It
also supports messages whose parameters live on multiple different
machines. Finally, the system works across multiple processes on the
same or multiple machines, and the contexts of a single process can span
machines (as can happen during remote debugging).

     In my use so far, it has provided a transparent illusion of a
co-located set of objects across multiple machines. But I was hesitant
to respond to Rich's original request, because Spoon isn't yet directly
interoperable with mainstream Squeak releases (we're working on it).



Craig Latta

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