Spoon progress 27 July 2006: shared variables

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Fri Jul 28 16:03:02 UTC 2006

Hi Klaus--

> without a "global" which refers to your root class, what is it (in
> your system) that keeps classes from being garbage collected?

        While a class is being built, it's referenced by the
class-builder machinery. Once installed, its referenced (ultimately) by
the root class. The root class is a "special object"; the garbage
collector already explicitly excludes special objects from reclamation.

> > As you might guess, this means that Spoon will not have multiple
> > root classes.
> Living in Switzerland, I'm be more neutral. In the 90's I've reviewed
> a DigiTalk project here in Switzerland (someone from Georg Heeg might
> remember his trip to Zuerich) in which all the main components started
> with " nil subclass: # ". My comment: if that makes them happy ...
> Also, the software research community would most likely want a system
> with multiple root support for their experiments, FWIW.

        Sure, people can add multiple root classes again if they like,
I'm just saying there's no need for them (or ProtoObject) in the minimal
system, and Spoon won't have them by default.

        thanks again,


Craig Latta

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