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Craig Latta craig at
Thu Apr 3 20:42:35 UTC 2008


      Naiad, Spoon's module system, is starting to work. I'm working on 
a solstice release (2008-06-20). I'd like to collect desired use cases 
from interested folks. Please let me know of any that come to mind. 
Unwanted scenarios you've encountered with other change management 
systems would be useful, too. Please use the Spoon list for now, I'm 
sure we can come up with some wiki-ish place for them soon.

      I'll start with one:

      - Create a class.
      - Create a method for that class.
      - Create another method for that class.
      - Create a second version of the first method.
      - Remove the first method.
      - Add an instance variable to the class.
      - Create a third version of the first method.
      - Remove the class.
      - Reinstall the original version of the class. The class appears 
with its original original instance variables and the methods it had 
just before the new instance variable was added.

      It seems to be me that English descriptions of use cases could 
serve as pseudo-code versions of tests, developed into actual code later 
on. Also, most of these tests will probably be composed of several 
simpler tests (as above).



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